Project Description


Foote Cone & Belding West engaged HMG to provide non-traditional media services for all Levi Strauss & Co. brands. HMG’s mission was to employ advanced communications technologies to promote Levi’s in new ways.


Across five Levi’s brands, HMG developed innovative, technology-driven solutions to tell the Levi’s story in new ways and make the brands bigger-than-life when they hit the marketplace. We produced corporate events, marketing presentations, and Architectural and Projection Media campaigns.


HMG’s advanced communications solutions helped move Levi’s into the digital future. Using emerging digital platforms, the solutions increased brand awareness, communicated the launch of new channels (e.g. online shopping) for Levi’s brands, and activated external strategic marketing events.

The Details.

The HMG solutions included the first-ever projection media campaign on billboards and buildings in the U.S. and Canada, delivery of a large-scale media network showing new product films, design and production of live marketing/sales events, introducing Gannet, one of the world’s largest outdoor companies at the time, to Foote Cone for marketing partnerships, and helping introduce Levi’s to the internet through support of the launch.