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What We Do

We are a design and technology consultancy dedicated to helping clients solve complex communications challenges. We are about bold ideas and rock-solid, risk-minimized implementation. With decades of experience creating high-impact digital media experiences, our Advisory group leads our clients through the complexities of designing and building large-scale digital installations, always with a laser focus on business objectives.


Herring Media Group’s pioneering thinking has …

  • Brought digital out-of-home advertising into the modern age.
  • Placed several firsts in orbit with historic commercial aerospace programs.
  • Produced a few of the largest global events in recent history.
  • Illuminated deserts, waterfronts, and city skylines.
  • Designed and installed the world’s largest video billboard in South Africa.

Marc Herring, founder and CEO, founded Herring Media Group (HMG) in 1991 with the mission of helping brands and organizations distinguish themselves through bold, technology-driven innovation. Herring pioneered some of the world’s first outdoor projection mapping installations, coining the term Architectural Media. HMG has continued to be at the forefront of creating innovative digital media experiences for big brands and large corporations. We serve clients in a broad range of sectors, including Commercial Real Estate Development, Banking, Family Offices, museums, and government.

Risk Mitigation

Herring Media Group understands that large, complex, high-visibility projects require laser focus on risk management. We reduce risks for clients by providing transparency and information throughout the life-cycle of every project. Cost and implementation decision points are made clear at the highest levels, so decision makers stay informed and in control.

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