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Project Description


CBRE called upon HMG for our rapid-response capabilities to meet complex media technology challenges for their client. One challenge was to integrate HMG into a time-sensitive installation program to update E*Trade’s commercial media display systems.


HMG deployed multiple expert teams simultaneously around the country to different branch locations to perform the updates. All of the TV systems that tie back to the display controls behind front desks, conference rooms, and broker areas were re-installed with hardware updates. The teams were assembled and deployed in an extremely short time-frame, over the December holidays, and the installations were complete in an accelerated time-frame.


The E*Trade branches reopened on time with the updated media displays, giving the company greater versatility with their networked programming and allowing them to be more contemporary and relevant to the marketplace.

Risk Mitigation

Herring Media Group understands that large, complex, high-visibility projects require laser focus on risk management. We reduce risks for clients by providing transparency and information throughout the life-cycle of every project. Cost and implementation decision points are made clear at the highest levels, so decision makers stay informed and in control.

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