Project Description


RadioShack was looking for a unique way to stand out as a technology leader. Their objective was to raise brand awareness with a big, bold solution that would push the boundaries of what’s possible.


To answer the call, Herring Media Group developed a pioneering Space Marketing program for RadioShack. As part of the program, we produced and coordinated the first commercial on the International Space Station and arranged the broadcast of ISS astronauts throwing out the first pitch in a Major League Baseball All Star game.


The high-visibility, future-oriented program generated an immense amount of global brand awareness for RadioShack and associated the company with innovation and cutting-edge technology.

The Details.

HMG was retained by RadioShack for a number of years to develop strategic branding campaigns and tactical marketing initiatives. We provided non-traditional media services such as Architectural Media and the Space Marketing program, and helped execute promotional events, advertising campaigns and public relations efforts.

In our role as owner’s representative, we supported advertising, product introductions, and public relations efforts, delivered networked displays of large-scale outdoor projections in multiple markets, and staged promotional broadcast to all RadioShack retail stores.