Working in collaboration with our clients, we offer fully integrated concept-to-completion solutions.

Live Stream Meetings, Studio Sessions & Events

HMG and our partners have over 30 years of experience in working remotely and our global production team has been live streaming product launches, concerts, education events, corporate meetings, press conferences, and similar gatherings since 2012.

We broadcast complex and secure events for governments and global companies including Hewlett Packard, Barclays Plc, J.P. Morgan Chase, BlackRock Capital, General Electric, Unilever, TBS, Verizon, Netflix, NASA and many more.

Virtual Graduations and Celebrations


To help 2020 graduates celebrate their hard earned accomplishments, HMG and our production partners produce virtual events that bring these important occasions to life with professional reliability and creative versatility.

Our virtual commencements and celebrations uniquely reflect the values and accomplishments of the graduating class through collaborative interpretations and the production of original media.

Our award winning team has been producing live events and broadcast media for over twenty years and live streaming product launches, concerts, education events, corporate meetings, press conferences, and similar gatherings since 2012. We understand storytelling, commercial production and the importance of a timely, fail-safe delivery.

HMG and our partners produce content and broadcast complex events for clients including Hewlett Packard, Barclays Plc, BlackRock Capital, General Electric, Unilever, TBS, Verizon, Netflix, ESPN, NCAA and many more.

From our experience we know that repositioning ceremonial occasions into live streaming events conveys authenticity, showcases purpose, and builds trust. This connection to content has real implications for awareness, recognition, and affinity with post-graduate relationships.

HMG works with clients to interpret the story, heraldry, colors, language, logos, and other signifiers into a design that resonates with a ceremony unique to the occasion.


• Ceremonial consultation by HMG principals who are Sr. Advisors to a number of governments for state occasions, global corporations and private family offices and organizations.

• Editorial direction and post-production of graduate-submitted content, broadcast design and project coordination.

• A series of graduate-focused custom videos featuring behind-the-scenes college life, individual awards and recognition, live interviews, keynote speakers and other celebrations.

• Moderated conversations with faculty, staff and social audiences during the live event.

Strategic Brand Planning

HMG develops a comprehensive strategic analysis and recommendations. We believe that a strong brand strategy is the foundation that ensures business success and inspires audiences to action. Our experienced team delivers on brand strategies through targeted digital strategies, high-impact media experiences, and web design and development.

Research and Development

Herring Media Group conducts due diligence and validates the intended outcomes of our clients’ programs. We provide technology and cost analysis of the complex challenges unique to each installation. Our field-tested experience gives us the ability to forecast and plan accordingly. Among our R&D services, we offer:

  • Location surveys with regulatory reviews
  • Demographic analysis
  • Traffic studies and environmental impacts
  • Forecasting of costs for design, permits, engineering, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, and operations
  • Assessment of resource requirements
  • Technology assessments and product reviews

Concept Development

Reaching and engaging today’s audiences requires big, bold concepts that allow brands to communicate in entirely new ways. HMG is known for its expansive creative vision and ability to imagine what has never been done before. Clients come to us for ideation for marketing and entertainment, strategic branding, tactical communications, creative briefs, and design direction.

Design and Specifications

Herring Media Group’s award-winning design team and our partners have activated some of the largest visual displays and iconic illuminations around the world. Our collaborative style is rooted in decades of experience with systems integration and procurement. We stay current with product-manufacturing and supply-chain data, so that we can deliver holistic design recommendations with minimized risks.


Herring Media group employs pre-visualization tools to help make design decisions and mitigate risk. Our unique tools allow HMG clients to fully review and envision proposed designs before they are activated. When necessary, we use aerial surveys, 3-D computer models, technology demonstrations, and scaled mockups to ensure that the approved designs meet their intended outcomes.


Successful brand activation requires creativity and expertise born out of imagination. Our competitive view of the future of marketing and entertainment production is driven by pioneering accomplishments and embedded in every project we deliver. We take an innovative approach to bringing brands alive through audience interactions, awareness and direct engagement.

Content Production and Management

Herring Media Group offers a complete range of content production services, including visual effects, 3-D and CGI production. We are experts in producing and programming content for large-scale LED displays and lighting installations around the world. We provide one-time and ongoing media experiences through our talented team and expert partners. We also develop content fulfillment and delivery systems to handle ongoing curation, scheduling, and content management.

Installation and Commisioning

Herring Media Group’s ability to supervise field operations from the ground up comes from extensive construction-management experience, technical knowledge, safety awareness, and hands-on attention to detail. Our standards of excellence enable us to work with the world’s top construction management and engineering firms, with whom we deliver architectural projects with seamless phase transitions, from concept through construction to activation.

Complete project life cycle documentation allows owners to easily monitor and communicate progress to stakeholders.

Operations Management

HMG provides operational oversight for the owners of large media displays and commercial lighting installations. We maintain communications between all stakeholders involved in the programming, daily performance, and monitoring of each installation.

We manage secure content and programming for multimedia displays and lighting installations on a worldwide scale. These services are proven in highly secure financial and government-related environments where mission-critical reliability is mandatory.

Using interactive displays and other sensory technologies, we can provide analytics and technical support for each installation. We ensure that each display maximizes its technical potential so that clients get the most out of their investment.